This line seems exactly right to me, and I expect this to be a good game. I get not to b...(More...)

Dalton Del Don

 Roto Sports, Inc

I swear I’m not a fanboy when it comes to picking Super Bowl winners, but I do have to g...(More...)

Steve Leone

 Concord Monitor

The Falcons have the best offense in the league. Matt Ryan and Julio Jones are unstoppab...(More...)

Leah Goldman

 Business Insider Inc

I think Vegas has this one right — New England by three, thanks to the Patriots’ No. 1 s...(More...)

Andrew Lynch

 Fox Sports Interactive M..

New England probably has a little bit better defense, and the two weeks to prepare certa...(More...)

Scott Pianowski

 Roto Sports, Inc

Tom Brady and Matt Ryan aren’t just the media darlings during Super Bowl hype week, they...(More...)

Michael Smith

 NBC Sports
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