Man, if anyone tells you they know what kind of team the Steelers are going to be, they'...(More...)

Shawn Rine

 The Intelligencer

Do you realize that Ryan Fitzpatrick’s Texans might be 8-0 heading into a Week 9 showdow...(More...)

Bill Simmons

 ESPN Internet Ventures

Just when you think J.J. Watt can't possibly do any more he catches a touchdown pass. In...(More...)

Shawn Rine

 The Intelligencer

keptical of quarterback Kirk Cousins but impressed by a defense that ranks No. 1 in Foot...(More...)

Case Keefer

 Las Vegas Sun

After starting the season with two straight home games, the 1-1 Ravens hit the road for ...(More...)

John Garces

 Football Nation, LLC

These two teams should just decide to make this a 'Loser Moves to Los Angeles' game. Act...(More...)

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