This Wembley Stadium matchup is technically a "home" game for Atlanta. Thank goodness, b...(More...)

Elliot Harrison

 NFL Enterprises LLC

I picked the Browns as my lock of the week and after the turd they laid in Jacksonville ...(More...)

Ben Florance


Kansas City has been pretty darn impressive over the last few weeks, knocking off the C...(More...)

Darren Hartwell

 New England Sports Network

Peyton Manning will be the one playing keep-away with the ball this week, although the C...(More...)

Ben Watanabe

 New England Sports Network

Buffalo’s run game is now nonexistent, and I think the Jets can gameplan enough to slow ...(More...)

Mike Cole

 New England Sports Network

The last thing the Browns need is to lose to a winless team for the second straight week...(More...)

David Steele

 Sporting News Media
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