Cleveland Browns
Atlanta Falcons
New York Jets
Buffalo Bills
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Chicago Bears
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It’s your favorite Betting Bartender, Anzo, back again for some football insight.  We take a look at teams and games straight from a betting perspective. “It’s the most wonderful time, of the year!”  Thanks...[More]

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Week 12 kicks off tonight with a matchup between the AFC West Rivals the Chiefs and the Raiders on NFL Network. Here are the players I say you should start or sit. I: Must Starts         Quarterback:...[More]

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What seed are you in the playoffs if the season ended right now? With the big playoff push coming up, it is time to get in gear. Here are some Aces to fill in spots you might be missing this week as the Panthers and Steelers are on bye.&nbs...[More]

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This week had a few upsets that’s for sure. It was a rough week where a lot of players scored just below 10 points in fantasy. While it is still good to get close to double-digits, my standards are not changing. I will still grade nor...[More]

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Are you making a playoff push? I know I am. I am 5-5 in one league, and 6-4 in my other two. So that means if I keep pace I will be making the playoffs in two of my three leagues. Don’t forget; I am a 2013 Fantasy Football Champion. H...[More]

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